Virgin Mobile has been shaking up the mobile phone scene in the United States with a combination of great deals that many consider to be amongst the best phone plans out there, the latest phones, and one of the best mobile networks in the country from a technical perspective. Smart shoppers will save a few dollars by shopping for the best Virgin Mobile deals around before buying.

Virgin Mobile Deals

Why Virgin Mobile Leads the Way

Now offering some of the lasted in android cell phone units, Virgin Mobile is dedicated to bringing the best mobile broadband experience to customers like us. They even allow for proprietary app market variants for brand-specific certified apps like the Samsung Android market, even on their no contract phones! The company has some of the best phone plans around and a wide range of no contract phones that run the gamut of affordable to high end Android phones.

Why We Like Virgin Mobile

The fact that we can get no contract phones to the latest Samsung charger to replace the one our dog decided was a chew toy is awesome. No more being told to shop online or look at the local mall; everything is under one room. We can get a new Google phone with the latest and best mobile broadband technology or we can get an affordable phone for our tech-challenged parents. Nothing is out of reach! That's exactly what we like to hear when we want to shop!

We also like the customer service. We ran a test to see what would happen with a lost phone and instead of being told ‘you're out of luck bud' it turns out that the android cell phone we had could be replaced with our plan! We quickly found our ‘lost' phone in the sofa, but still it is nice to know that Virgin Mobile was ready to ship us out a new unit right away if we needed it!

Save Money When Shopping Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has just about everything, but be sure to look for the best Virgin Mobile deals you can find to save even more!