Verizon’s iPhone is considered by many to superior to the rival Apple phones with hardware specific to other networks for a few reasons. The international technology used by Verizon is key to this attraction, but so is the Verizon trade in program that lets users stay up to date with the latest Apple technology without spending a fortune. Consumers can also save money by taking advantage of the Verizon iPhone deals available to them when purchasing.

Verizon Iphone Deals

Why the iPhone is King

While most vendors tout cheap phones for sale, Apple came with a different approach: integrate rich media functionality in an attractive form factor. Now, virtually all mobile phones for sale have borrowed at least part of this approach in an attempt to dethrone the iPhone, but there is a reason that the Apple smartphone tops the list of sales for Verizon phones 2011 and beyond; it simply works.

Why We Like the Verizon iPhone

Every time a new iPhone comes out we salivate, and we'll admit that. The new features are usually amazing, but for the longest time we had to lust from a distance because we didn't want to put up with the limitations of the AT&T network. Apple phones tied to that network did not work well internationally, and many reported blind spots in key AT&T markets, factors that caused us to buy mobile phone after mobile phone from other vendors. Now we can have our cake and eat it too!

We also like the fact that Verizon offers their unique Verizon trade in program that lets us keep up with the latest touch phones without breaking the bank or our significant others breaking our bones when they see we bought a new phone. Now we can show them our trade in discount and all is well! This a stroke of genius but it is not the only one; Used Verizon phones that have been recertified are also great bargains. That must be where the traded in phones go, which makes us wonder how Verizon makes any money on phone sales but we'll just be quiet and we can bask in the savings.

Save Money on Your Verizon iPhone

Just because you want the latest and greatest in Verizon smartphone technology does not mean that you have to pay a lot. Use one of the great Verizon iPhone deals available to save money on the latest Verizon iPhone!