Verizon FiOS is a unique service that delivers industry leading broadband, digital television services, and digital phone services (VoIP) over an efficient yet powerful fiber optic connection. The advanced data services employed by Verizon FiOS enables the different services to be aware of one another, providing the ability to see caller ID on the TV screen and more. Consumers can save with Verizon FiOS deals and via bundling such as the FiOS triple play.

Verizon Fios Deals


Why Verizon FiOS is the Future

Fiber optics are incredibly fast and green, which makes the overall network FiOS speed several times faster than any network with metal wiring. That extra speed translates to better performance but it also enables class leading features such as an unmatched assortment of HD channels when comparing FiOS vs cable. The FiOS cable argument is even further strengthened by the fact that a professional FiOS installation comes included with the offer, ensuring that each premise is 100% ready instead of the old cable ‘cross our fingers and let's hope' policy.

What We Like About Verizon FiOS

My FiOS is something that I will never live without. The ability to remotely manage my DVR with FiOS TV online services is amazing! We can schedule anything we want from anywhere we can get online, even with our smartphones and tablets! Add to this the remarkable dedication to customer satisfaction and you'll never go back when you see the FiOS business dedication towards making you smile.

Another cool Version FiOS feature is the ability to handle caller ID from your sofa. It sounds silly, but the next time that a company calls to remind us that our payment is due next month, we'd rather NOT stop watching that comedy so with one click we can send the caller to the voicemail! Or, if we're in the middle of an intense action-packed movie and we get an important call from our boss, we can instantly know and activate the DVR so we don't miss a second of the action! Brilliant!

Save Money on Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS speed is amazing, but do not pay full price if you don't have to. Use one of these amazing Verizon FiOS deals to save money on the last TV/Internet/VoIP service you'll ever fall in love with.