Sprint is the third largest mobile phone carrier in the United States and has shed its stodgy corporate oriented image to become a favorite amongst consumers. A focus on unlimited plans, wider mobile coverage, new phones, and great customer service has elevated Sprint from a background player in the industry to a ranked company in one of the most competitive fields in the country in less than 10 years. Consumers love that they can save money with the unlimited plans, but Sprint phone deals are available to save even more!

Sprint Phone Deals


Why Unlimited Mobile Plans Are the Way to Go

Being connected 24/7 requires a cell phone these days, and possibly a 3g usb or 4g usb modem. Being connected to home allows for family to reach you and you to reach them at a moment's notice, as well as for contact between friends and business associates. There are other benefits such as broadband wireless features that enable web surfing and application usage anywhere you need or want to go. Wireless internet plans that feature caps either slow down or start billing once those caps are reached, which often happens quickly. Unlimited wireless internet plans are anything but at other companies, but Sprint offers true unlimited access: no cap at all.

Why We Like Sprint

Sprint now has some of the latest android smartphones and of course, there's also the Sprint iPhone lineup now too. Choice is what consumers want, and Sprint has given it to us. Business consumers can get great phones for their use too, so do not be worried that Sprint has ignored its business oriented consumers. Add to this the fact that they still carry affordable phones such as the Sanyo phones that other vendors are virtually giving away with new contracts, all the way up to the aforementioned Sprint smart phones. Accessories such as data cards are also available.

Finally, we just want to say that no limits broadband and unlimited talk time are the ways to go. Mobile coverage is great, and those that enjoy calling Canada will really enjoy Sprint's coverage. The day of long distance phone service charging for calls to our northern neighbor might be over in the near future.

Save Money on Sprint Phones

Be sure to save money on Sprint Phones by shopping for Sprint phone deals.