Netflix is a company that offers a wide library of television programming and movies that are available to stream live over the Internet via the company’s proprietary technologies. Netflix has several partners that offer software and/or hardware solutions for the service built into everything from smartphones to TV sets and gaming consoles. While Netflix does charge a monthly rate, smart consumers can save by looking online for Netflix deals.

Netflix Deals


Why Streaming is the Future

The combination of integration into devices that we already own, the speed, legality, and the library all combine to make services like Netflix impressive. Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, most modern Android phones, and a host of TV sets from top tier and second tier vendors all support the ability to start streaming media online with services like Netflix just as fast as your internet connection can handle it. Most of the major studios are on board with Netflix which means that we can find Tom Hands movies or the newest Disney DVD release fairly simple thanks to the depth of the library.

What We Like About Netflix

Netflix is so simple to use that even our technology-challenged releatives can use it and browse the hundreds of old movies all day long. Meanwhile, we are checking out the latest blu ray movies without the inconvenience of a disk and the whole waiting/dealing with the mail scenario that nobody really likes to do. After all, there is a reason that e-mail is killing snail mail: it is just so much faster, cheaper, and simpler!

The best thing about Netflix is that it is 100% legit. You could download films illegally and who knows, maybe you wouldn't get caught. Or maybe you would…eventually. The point is that nobody really knows, but Netflix is 100% legal and thus there are no worries about law suits that could totally rearrange your future for less than the price of a movie at retail!

Save Money on Netflix

One of the other great things about Neftlix is the low monthly price. You can even save additional money by using these great Netflix deals.