Kindle is Amazon’s entrant into the ebook reader market, and it shows that this series of devices comes from the world’s largest and most popular online book retailer. Kindles now range from strict e-readers using a high-tech e-ink display that can be read in any outdoor environment with sufficient light to a full-blown backlit display driven tablet that still focuses on the Amazon experience. There are great Kindle deals to be found, so never pay retail for a Kindle.

Kindle Deals

Why eBook/Tablet Consumption is Up

A comedian doing a faux journalism skit once took his cameras into a newspaper and asked them what news in their AM edition had been printed that day. For a few minutes the editor flipped through pages then conceded that the tablet the journalist had contained more up to date information, and that may be why products like the Kindle are doing so well. The social integration, especially the ebook readers reviews may also be a major part of the factor as real people are contributing to real reviews of real products.

Why Kindle is Special

Kindle is a complete front end face for Amazon. If your Kindle has the capability, Amazon has the product. This is wildly different than the Archos ereader or Sony e readers that do not have their own (or such a deep) pool for consumption. Amazon's wealth of e books, magazines, journals, text books, movies, music, and yes…even newspapers, are all available on supported Kindle devices. The entire ecosystem is wrapped up so nicely that it is easily the greatest and most attractive aspect of the Kindle.

Try getting another e reader and then going through the hassle of importing content to it rather than just streaming it live off of the Amazon Cloud. That brings up another great point: Amazon automatically backs up everything you purchase and you can re download it in a flash anywhere your kindle can get connected!

Save Money on Your Next Kindle

While Kindles range from affordable ad-supported ebook readers (sorry no free eboook reader just yet) to high end tablets, but all of them come with a secret: the secret of savings. Use one of these great Kindle deals and save money.