Verizon FiOS is a unique service that leverages the inherent power of efficiency of fiber optic networks to deliver an integrated home media experience that includes blazing fast broadband, HD video services that surpass those of rival cable companies, and digital voice services (VoIP). Users interested in Verizon FiOS should remember to look at the numerous FiOS deals available to save money one blazing fast FiOS speed and services.

Fios Deals


Why FiOS is Amazing

FiOS completely integrates three previously-separate services: broadband, digital tv, and VoIP. Just as you could eat bread then peanut butter, and finally jelly, a PB & J sandwich is much better. In the Verizon FiOS sense it allows for unique features such as the ability to remotely manage your DVR from anywhere where you have Internet access or the ability to handle caller ID from your TV remote control so that nuisance callers do not interrupt your favorite show or you can activate the DVR instantly if an important call comes in.

Why We Like FiOS

There used to be an argument about FiOS vs cable, but the tight integration of services alone absolutely renders that argument moot. Add to that the blazing fast FiOS speed and the FiOS business directive of pleasing customers, and we know that you'll never go back to cable again! The FiOS TV online management is slick, the customer service friendly, and the download speeds are insanely fast. There is nothing more we can ask for, and to be honest, we had no idea what we were missing by having all of these services separately.

A wide assortment of HD channels makes it no wonder why those satellite companies and cable companies only compare against each other; there is no competition! The sports channels are unbeatable and some of the on-screen app integration is second to none.

Save Money on Verison FiOS

When you decide to give America's most popular fiber optic network a try do yourself a favor and save a few dollars by taking advantage of one of these amazing FiOS deals.