AT&T has had the iPhone longest of all the wireless carriers and has even optimized their wireless internet services to make the Cupterino-powered smartphone function at top speed.

AT&T iPhone Deals


Why the iPhone is Great

Apple's iPhone has been considered the basis for the modern smartphone, and it is easy to see why: the ease of use, speed, media functionality & Apple ecosystem, and style make it a clear winner. The fact that anyone with a finger and an eye can use the iPhone is something not many other companies can state about their phones, but the integration with iTunes and Apple's app store is seamless and slick. You can do anything from listen to your favorite jams, to watching the latest episode of your favorite show, or use some of the latest video editing or entertainment software.

Why We Like AT&T's iPhone

ATT iPhone plans are some of the most affordable on the market, and the wireless AT T Internet is one of the fastest available. That combination yields two things that we like: savings and speed. Time is money after all, so it could just boil down to money if you like. There is one other really neat trick that Apple has up its sleeves with the AT&T exclusive I phone. Out of the other wireless carriers, AT T iphone plans and the wireless AT T internet share something unique: dual usage.

This means that you can surf full speed while you chat! That is something that the competition cannot honestly claim! After all, what good is a smartphone if you can't at least sound smart when using it…and Google or some other search engine while you chat? Add to this the delightful music and Apple has a winner on its hands with the AT&T iPhone.

Save Money When you Buy

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